Vinpocetine Benefits the Brain in Many Awesome Ways

Vinpocetine Benefits Cognition

There are many vinpocetine benefits to overall brain health and cognitive functioning.

Vinpocetine is extracted from the seeds of the periwinkle plant. Numerous studies have confirmed that it is an ideal compound for improving brain circulation and cognitive functions such as short-term and long-term memory. Additional vinpocetine benefits include protecting the heart and improving vision and hearing.

Vinpocetine is a powerful memory enhancer. This is mainly because it very effectively increases blood flow in the brain. Its mechanism of action involves a slight dilation of blood vessels so there is more blood flowing in the brain. Therefore, this means better oxygenation.

Vinpocetine benefits cerebral metabolism by making your brain use glucose more efficiently. Glucose is what makes your brain run at peak capacity and it helps your brain produce a very important cellular energy molecule called ATP. This is likely also the reason elite athletes who perform at high altitudes (skiers, mountain climbers, etc.) use vinpocetine, as it can enhance performance by increasing brain oxygenation and energy production.

Vinpocetine’s safety and long reputation as a mental performance enhancer is also why it is included in many cognitive supplement formulations.

Overall, vinpocetine is a safe, natural compound that can improve the following brain functions.

Vinpocetine Benefits

Additional Vinpocetine Benefits

More about Vinpocetine Benefits to Cognitive Functioning

Vinpocetine is known as one of the best natural brain health supplements. It works in a positive manner to boost overall brain power. Furthermore, the nootropic supplement works synergistically with other specific nootropics to help potentiate their effects.

This is why we decided to integrate the highest quality vinpocetine into the iQ2 Labs nootropic supplement. It works particularly well with the other ingredients found in the formula to produce a well-rounded and effective nootropic brain supplement.

How Vinpocetine Works

Vinpocetine benefits circulation, which helps to boost overall mental alertness. The increase of circulation also helps prevent the brain from certain cognitive decline. It can also help reduce neural inflammation and therefore, reduces headaches. It is a neuroprotective nootropic supplement that has antioxidant effects.

Vinpocetine benefits higher blood flow to the brain, allowing the brain cells to receive more oxygen and other nutrients needed to generate more energy. This provides more fuel to the brain which leads to higher levels of alertness and improved cognitive functioning.

Huperzine A Studies

The vinpocetine in the iQ2 formula works extremely well with the other ingredients to help enhance memory function, as well as eliminate “brain fog.” Therefore, the nootropic supplement helps to provide a boost in overall mental alertness in a more effective way than caffeine, while also allowing the brain to retain more information.

Get a feel for all of the vinpocetine benefits in the iQ2 labs supplement. You will experience it works best to improve memory, alertness, and overall mental stamina.