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Successful Weight Management Starts at The Mind. Naturally Overcome Food Cravings1.



iQ² ™ is a groundbreaking2 brain supplement (nootropic) that empowers your willpower to fight off food cravings, while increasing your body fat metabolism to support weight loss and inhibit digestion.*

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iQ2 helps me a lot to loss weight. iQ2 helps me a lot to keep me active, and make me feel light.()

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Certain ‘superfoods’ and natural elements support your brain and body functions for natural weight loss. Cocoa flavanols have been recently recognized as responsible for newly recognized powerful weight loss and anti-diabetes benefits.The announcement was made in the American Chemical Society’s Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry3.Cocoa flavanols do more than help your body lose weight, they support your brain function and enhance your willpower to help you get the mental strength you need to easily lose the weight you want.iQ² ™ has cocoa flavanols and other natural ingredients that increase fat metabolism, curb appetite, and help prevent the body from metabolizing dietary fat into fatty tissue.You can still enjoy eating delicious satisfying foods, whenever you choose to, without overeating… without any cravings, and you will start feeling better, as you feel the results from the first day.If you’ve struggled to lose weight, if you’ve tried differents diets and exercise routines and you still struggle with your weight, then you’re about to read what will be of great benefit to you. Here’s why:Weight loss is a physical function of the mind, not the body alone.




We do not overeat because we are hungry; we overeat because it feels good. Our brains associate pleasure with eating; more pleasure than our willpower can handle.Stanford health psychologist Kelly McGonigal, PhD, took a closer look at the science of willpower and found that discovered that Is willpower a limited resource – people who use willpower seem to run out of it. Any act of self-control leaves people with less willpower for completely unrelated challenges. Trying to control your temper, ignore distractions or refuse seconds all tap the same source of strength!The research also shows that willpower decreases over the course of the day, as your energy gets “spent” on stress and self-control. This has become known as “the muscle model” of willpower. Like your biceps or quadriceps, the willpower “muscle” can get exhausted from effort. But that doesn’t mean we’re all doomed to run out of willpower by dinner time. Imagine being able to easily resist temptation, or not even getting tempted to eat more than you should… Just like there are have been many discoveries about supplements that support muscle growth, there are have also been discoveries about natural substances that increases brain health and stamina, giving you the strength and willpower to easily conquer what used to seem impossible.


Your body and mind are integrated to achieve long-lasting successful weight loss. The ‘super foods’ and natural ingredients in iQ² do just that.*A study conducted by the Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University looked into how cocoa flavanols, a critical component of iQ², help inhibit obesity and type-2 diabetes. The objective of this study was to compare the impacts of long-term dietary exposure to cocoa flavanol on the effects of high-fat diet. Cocoa flavanols proved to be very effective in preventing weight gain, fat mass, impaired glucose tolerance, and insulin resistance. In other words, cocoa flavanols were extremely effective in preventing obesity and type-2 diabetes.5Additional studies keep pouring in from around the world, showing great fat burning benefits. According to a study reported in “Nutrition” magazine, Japanese researchers proved that consuming cocoa flavanols leads to significantly lower rates of fatty tissue5. In another study, researchers placed human digestive enzymes in a Petri dish along with cocoa flavanols and observed the cocoa extract stopped the enzymes from working, which helps the body get rid of dietary fat without having to “burn” it6.


iQ² contains substances and nutrients that not only help curb your appetite and help you lose the weight, they also set into motion a coordinated set of changes in the brain and body that help you resist temptation and override self-destructive urges.What iQ² does is puts your body into a calmer state, unlike the adrenaline rush of stress. It sends extra energy to the brain’s prefrontal cortex, which keeps track of your goals and helps you override impulses and cravings. The result is you have the mindset and motivation to do what matters most.The ‘superfoods’ ingredients in iQ² are proven to support physical and mental aspects that can help you in many areas of your life:
  • Enhanced Mental Performance
  • Strong Analytical abilities
  • Weight Loss
  • Improve short term memory and fight memory loss
  • Boost Immune system
  • Learn, retain, and recall new information
If you’re suffering from being overweight or obese, then try iQ² and feel the results for yourself.*

iQ² can help both women and men get rid of those stubborn bulges for good. The product helps you even get rid of those pesky love handles that nobody really loves and even that double chin you see in the mirror every morning.* See if iQ² is right for you.

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iQ² can help both men and women improve their physical and cognitive health. The nootropics in iQ² nourish your brain and body and can make noticeable improvements in the quality of your life. See if iQ² is right for you.

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When it comes to BODY SHAPE, men in their 60‘s tend to be in one of two categories. How would you describe your body shape?

  • Apple: I hold excess weight around my midsection.
  • Proportional: My body is well-proportioned, without excess weight in any particular area.

When it comes to FOOD CRAVINGS, men with an apple-shaped figure who are looking to lose weight tend to fall into one of four categories. Which of the following best describes you?

  • Carbs: Including breads, pasta, and salty junk food. Sometimes it even feels like I’m addicted.
  • Sweets & Sugar: While I may crave carbs, I specifically crave sweets and sugar.
  • Chocolate: I specifically have cravings for chocolate.
  • None: I don’t really have any strong cravings for the above.

When it comes to your EATING HABITS, men who have a tendency to get sweets & sugar cravings tend to fall into one of two categories. Which of the following best describes you?

  • Hungry After Meals: After I eat a full meal, I’m often still hungry – and I think about food often.
  • Full After Meals: I’m usually full after eating a meal – and don’t really think about food between meals.

When it comes to STRESS, men who are usually full after meals, tend to fall in one of three categories. Which of the following best describes you?

  • Under Stress: I often feel like I’m under stress.
  • Stress & Sweets: I often feel like I’m under stress, and when I do, I snack on sweets.
  • Low Stress: I don’t really feel like I’m under stress.

Men who are not under stress can sometimes experience the following. Which of the following better describes you?

  • I’m often tired even after a full night’s sleep. And I can be irritable if I miss a meal.
  • I generally feel well rested and missing a meal doesn’t affect my mood.

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with natural ingredients.
Will Power. Overcome Food Cravings. Increased Metabolism.

NATURAL INGREDIENTS Premium cognitive formula with cocoa flavanols.


(Improves circulation, memory, focus and energy. Nature’s most powerful antioxidant and the ideal brain food)

Cacao Cacao

(The brain’s fuel for enhancing memory, focus and learning capacity. Also fights age related memory loss)

Choline Choline

(Improves focus, stamina, and short-term memory. Also boosts mood, confidence and willpower)


(Boosts memory, alertness and mental stamina by improving blood flow and energy production)

Vinpocetine Vinpocetine
Huperzine A

(Helps memory and recall. It may be twice as effective as the currently available medications for Alzheimer’s)

Huperzine A Huperzine A

(Increases energy and mental clarity. A natural and safe source of caffeine, it can also improve mood and curb food cravings)

Guarana Guarana
Acetyl L-carnitine

(Helps your body’s cells produce energy, brightens mood, and protects the brain from age and alcohol-related decline)

Acetyl L-carnitine Acetyl L-carnitine
B complex

(Minimizes age-related memory decline, increases energy, stimulates the immune system, and raises mood level)

B complex B complex



    The ingredients in iQ² are all FDA-approved. In addition, our manufacturer strictly adheres to the highest FDA safety and manufacturing standards.
    iQ² is coming soon to and other retail websites, as well as at your local vitamin and natural food stores.
    The results you’ll see after taking iQ² will vary depending on your unique brain chemistry and factors such as how rested you are, the time of day when you take it, and your general state of health. However, most users report a better ability to concentrate, a relaxed yet focused state, and a much improved ability to recall information. Please see our Reviews page for more reports of user experiences and what you can expect from taking iQ².
    All of the ingredients in iQ² have been extensively tested for safety over many decades, and are considered by the FDA as GRAS (Generally Recognized as Safe).
    The majority of users don’t experience any negative side effects, but some may be sensitive to an ingredient such as caffeine, and may experience some unwanted side effects. However, this is very rare and can be controlled with appropriate dosing; if there is a negative impact, it is generally mild, such as a slight headache due to lowered blood pressure (which in itself is a positive side effect!) or a bit of stomach discomfort, which is common with all supplements. Any negative effects are temporary and usually disappear within a day or two. Note that iQ² is not intended to be taken by pregnant or breastfeeding women, nor individuals under 18 years old. It is always a good idea to check with your doctor prior to beginning a new supplement regiment, especially if you have pre-existing medical conditions or severe allergies.
    You’ll feel the positive effects within 30 to 60 minutes of taking your first dose, though it may take up to two to four weeks of daily use to garner all of the positive effects, particularly if you are an older adult with a choline deficiency (experts estimate that 90% of adults over 50 don’t get enough choline from their diets). In addition, the raw cacao in iQ² will improve your circulation and lower your blood pressure over two to four weeks of continuous use – and these results will last for as long as you keep taking iQ². We do, however, recommend taking a day off once in a while after about a month of continuous use, so that your body doesn’t build tolerance to the caffeine in our formula*
IQ2 bottle

Our groundbreaking formula is based on the latest scientific research on brain supplements and nootropics.

The cognitive benefits of cocoa are recognized by the EFSA (European Food Safety Authority) and are backed by large-scale medical studies7.

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